Tuberculosis Of The Lymph Nodes

Published: 09th July 2008
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This is a chronic tuberculous disease of the cervical lymph nodes, and it can be divided into 3 stages. At the early stage, the lymph nodes are hard and as big as a bean, movable and covered with normal skin without hotness or tenderness; in the middle stage, the lymph nodes are bigger and fused together to form a mass, immovable and adhere to the skin; after putrefaction, the skin becomes dark red in color and slightly hot, and the mass shows a sensation of fluctuation; and in the late stage, the mass may rupture to form a creeping cavity with greyish white wall and fistulae, discharging thin pus with flocculent substance, and the superficial skin is dark purple in color.

Recipe 1: Water chestnut 500 g, taro powder 500 g and dried jellyfish 500 g.

Administration: The taro powder is mixed with a concentrated decoction of water chestnut and jellyfish to prepare pills as big as a bean for oral administration, 15 g with warm water, twice a day.

Indication: This recipe can release stagnation of liver Qi to treat this disease at the early stage.

Recipe 2: Five candied dates and Maozhaocao (cat's claw buttercup root) 20 g.

Administration: A decoction of the above herbs is drunk, and its paste is applied externally.
Indication: This recipe can resolve swelling and release stagnation to treat this disease at the early and middle stages.

Recipe 3: Several lichees.
Administration: The meat of the lichees is applied to thelesion.

Indication: Lichee is used to treat ruptured lymph node wounds.

Recipe 4: An adequate amount of lilies.
Administration: Lily paste is applied externally to the lesion.

Indication: Lily paste is used to treat ruptured lymph node wounds.

Recipe 5: White radish 250 g, laver 30 g and dried tangerine peel 3 g.
Administration: The radish and laver are cut into pieces, and boiled with tangerine peel for oral intake once a day over a long period of time.
Indication: This recipe is used to treat this disease in the middle stage.

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